Bulk email data feeds

Verified Data! 200,000 Emails Daily – Verified Deliverability

Steady feed of Fresh 100% Opt-In USA consumer bulk email data with complete full records sent to your free cloud account for download every day Monday through Friday. The estimated feeds of Opt-In consumer data are 200,000 daily. This gives you an estimated 4,000,000 (Four Million) fresh consumer records each month. We use advanced verification methods to determine valid email addresses so you know you’re receiving quality fresh Verified emails.
What’s included in the bulk email data? – Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, IP Address, Date & Time, Website Source, Date of Birth, Gender, Verified Date, & SMTP Response from Verification.
“In full compliance with CAN-SPAM law, the URL (Source) of the subscription request is provided for each lead that comes in through the bulk email data daily feed. In addition, the time/date and IP stamp is part of each record to verify the opt-in status of the lead”.

What to expect after you submit your order?

After you process your order below you will be sent a receipt and confirmation email from us thanking you for your business. Make sure to add this email address to your contacts so you an ensured to accept all future correspondence from us.
Daily data feed will be setup within 24 hours and will run for a 30 day period. Your account will be charged a couple of days prior to your monthly renewal. When you wish to cancel you can do so at whatever time no inquiries asked.

Daily Bulk Email Data Feed Pricing

$248.95 Per 30 days + Free Setup

A Bonus of 2 Million email records will be provided with the account package! Welcome to the best email data on the planet!